Tilcon Partnership

At JP Carroll Roofing, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Tilcon of Plainville, CT so that we can recycle our shingles together into street asphalt mix. The shingle is a product of the "Tear off" of the roof job and it is then grounded into a mix that is able to turn into asphalt. This process is part of JP Carroll Construction's Green Initiative to take the used shingles out of the already overfilled waste stream, and re-use them for road mix. In the last three years alone, JP Carroll has used over 28,000 tons of shingles that would go to landfills, giving the shingles further purpose for road mix materials. Here at JP Carroll Roofing, we strive on a daily basis to support the Green Initiative in any way that we can, so while we continue to offer the best roofing services in Connecticut, we also are also going green in support of a healthier Earth.