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Solar Energy Systems in Connecticut

Protecting Your Home Against the Elements, Uncovering Additional Savings

Roof Replacement is the Perfect Time to Go Solar! Are you tired of the never-ending utility rate increases in CT? Installing a Solar Energy System on your new roof is a great way to cut down those costs.

We have a partnership with SAVKAT® Solar, a CT based Solar Energy Company that is like us, committed to customer satisfaction. They’re also family-owned and install only the best: SunPower panels, made in North America and backed with a 25-year warranty.

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AND… you can use Solar Financing to pay for both your Solar Energy System and your new roof if you add Solar! And your Solar Energy System may be eligible for the new Federal Tax credit of 30% available on renewable energy! Solar Financing also has rates as low as 1.99% and terms as long as 25 years! Let us know if you are interested in going Solar and we will put you in touch!

Working Together For Over 25 Years

Read What Our Happy Customers Are Saying 
  • Extremely Satisfied

    “The workmanship of the roof replacement was well coordinated and implemented as promised. John Schultz was very knowledgeable, thorough and detail in his explanation of the roofing project.”

    - Jim
  • Everyone tells me how good my roof looks now!

    “Overall fantastic experience, the staff was timely and professional and the customer service I received was above and beyond”

    - Sam
  • Great service

    “The price for his time and work was beyond reasonable.  I slept very well knowing my roof was leak-free.”

    - Sam
  • Craftsmanship Was Superb

    “Jack was the best. Took care of all of our needs and more. I would highly recommend JP Carroll to all my friends and family.”

    - Mike G.
  • Quality Was Unmatched

    “I could not believe how fast they were able to complete such a big job. Well done”

    - Steve